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Four easy tips to stay feeling amazing this Easter break.

Four easy tips to stay feeling amazing this Easter break.

It’s Easter time!

For many people around the world, Easter symbolises a time for new beginnings and new life.

On a personal level, Easter is my annual self check-in where I can slow down to take a breath and time to reflect. I love spending the long weekend catching up with friends and family – that includes a catch-up with some chocolate bunnies!

The Easter long weekend is necessary for downtime but can also be disruptive to our normal routines. How can we navigate through this period and still feel rejuvenated by the end?

I compiled four easy tips to help you enjoy this indulgent time, whilst still feeling amazing and maintaining your healthy glow:

Stay hydrated.

The biggest underlying contributor to fatigue is dehydration. Lack of hydration will also make skin dull and lifeless. It’s the easiest thing you can do to help brighten up your skin and refresh your health.

Aim to drink two to three litres a day to give your body the hydrated boost it needs.

Unsure how to add to your daily hydration routine? My blog post here outlines some more helpful tips.

Treat yourself to that chocolate bunny.

Easter is, above all, a celebration! Celebrations mean food. Indulge in the dishes of the season and savour every bite guilt-free. We don’t need to go into food comas to feel satisfied. Take the time you need to eat slowly and mindfully.

Be prepared.

Does any one else consider cheese boards, platters and grazing tables as food heaven? I know I am not alone in this. I find that a little preparation can really help so that I’m not hovering over exquisite platters of food all day.

Try having a substantial snack with protein and fats before heading to your Easter festivities. A personal favourite of mine is rice crackers with avocado and some salmon. It prevents me from being ravenous, so I can still enjoy the food without the need to devour everything in sight.

Keep moving.

Easter festivities and social plans means that we may not be able to keep up with our regular fitness routines, but it doesn’t mean we need to stay stagnant. After all, Easter is a time for new beginnings – so try something new! With walks on the beach, taking the family on a bush walk, or paddle boarding, there is an activity for everyone.

It’s good to try and keep your body moving throughout the day. Quick 10 minute walks throughout the day has many health benefits from improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

By implementing these four easy strategies ahead of the long weekend, you will set yourself up for a time of celebration with energy and vitality.

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