West Australian brands making a difference.

West Australian brands making a difference.

An excerpt from The West Australian, by Jade Jurewicz

We’d all love healthy skin, but with so many products and information out there promising the holy grail of a glowing complexion, it is often easy to get overwhelmed and give up.

After 16 years of working as a naturopath and having clients seeking this glow, Perth-based Natalie McGrath decided she could fill the gap with a product that used scientific research and ancient wisdom.

“I searched for products that I thought fitted this criteria but wasn’t happy with anything I found,” she says. “This led me down a two-year journey of researching, developing and manufacturing our launch product, GLOWSO.”

Described as self-care in a bottle, the product is made in Australia, is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and is packed with ingredients known to promote healthy skin.

There are ethically sourced properties of the Indigenous Kakadu plum, which boost immunity, support collagen formation and strengthen hair and nails. There are antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which work as an internal sunscreen that protects the skin from the harsh and damaging effects of UV and blue light, as well as zinc and vitamin E. “This powerful supplement radiates the beauty that starts from within,” says McGrath.

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