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The Collaborative Consultation

The Collaborative Consultation

Natalie McGrath is a Perth based Naturopath with over 16 years of clinical experience specialising in women’s health. She has noticed a shift in her client’s attitude towards their skin and beauty regimes. With the ever-growing interest in the skin-gut health connection, we are seeing an increased desire among skin-focused practitioners to work alongside naturopaths, nutritionists and holistic experts; either by offering someone in-clinic or by establishing strong referral programs for clients.

We believe this call for a more well-rounded approach to our clients’ skin has the potential to revolutionise the way we practice, not only by likely yielding better skin results but by encouraging interprofessional practices that will ultimately better the industry as a whole.

This month, we decided to pursue this blossoming area of holistic partnerships by delving into some of the most common skin conditions we see on our clients, from the perspective of a Naturopath.

With a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and a proud lecturer at the Endeavour Naturopathic College, Natalie tells us many of whom come to her are seeking skin advice.

Natalie’s thoughts on the skin-gut connection mirror that of most holistic professionals in our industry, using skin predominantly as a diagnostic tool for internal imbalances. “The skin is a reflection of our internal wellness, in particular our gut function,” says Natalie. “The gut-skin axis is a common term used in the naturopathic industry to illustrate the direct connection between the two. We’ve all come across people that are just radiating health and vitality. They have clear, fresh, and glowing skin. This is a reflection of how things are working on the inside.


When nutritional levels are optimal, hormones are balanced, well hydrated and all detoxification pathways are working, we should expect to see this shine on the outside.”


Natalie sees a mix of patients who come to her either seeking holistic solutions for skin concerns, or with skin issues being a secondary concern related to their primary focus. “When someone comes in with skin issues, it's paramount to look at the whole picture. It still continues to baffle me when people see a dermatologist and they walk away with a topical cream, when really, there are all these other underlying issues causing it. These issues could include food sensitivities, inflammation, hormonal issues, poor liver detoxification, poor gut health and disturbances in the microbiome, just to name a few.”

The Beaute Industrie; Words by Mala McAlpin

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