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Skin Hydration

Skin Hydration

Is your skin not as fresh and plump as you would like?

Is it looking dull and lack lustre?
You could be struggling with dehydrated skin.
Dehydrated skin can be confused with dry skin but they are very different phenomena. Simply, dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin lacks natural oils.
Dehydrated skin is considered a condition and dry skin is a skin type.
To rule out dry skin, the common symptoms are:
– scaly skin
– white flakes
– redness
– irritation
Dehydrated skin means that your skin is lacking water. It can be dry and itchy and perhaps dull looking, too. Your overall tone and complexion may appear uneven, and fine lines are more noticeable.
Unlike dry skin, dehydration can cause the following symptoms:
– itchiness and dullness
– darker under-eye circles
– sunken eyes
– appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles are more pronounced

How to test if your skin is dehydrated:

There is a simple pinch test to determine your skin’s hydration level.
Gently pinch a small portion of skin around the cheek area.
If you notice any wrinkling and if the skin doesn’t bounce back after you let go, then your skin may be dehydrated.

1. Water

The first step to rehydration is drinking enough water throughout the day. This keeps your skin hydrated and prevents dehydration. Drinking enough water throughout the day also helps clear your complexion and brighten your skin tone. Start with 2 litres a day and increase with exercise and warm weather. 



2. Your daily dose of GLOWSO Collagen+ Skin, Hair & Nails Formula.

Collagen+ has been formulated to support hydration in the skin. It does this by transporting and locking in the water molecules in the skin.



3. Reduce coffee and caffeine.

Both coffee and caffeine can have a diuretic effect.

4. Reduce alcohol.

Alcohol dehydrates the whole body including the skin.

5. Aim to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

This ensures you wake up rested and can help avoid puffy eyes, dullness in the face and other symptoms that can exacerbate dehydration. While you are sleeping, add a humidifier to your room to help your skin retain more.

6. Get moving. 

This doesn't necessarily hydrate the skin, but it encourages circulation and blood flow to the skin to transport much-needed nutrients. Plus, daily movement stimulates the lymphatic system, which transports toxins and impurities away from the skin.

How is your skin looking? Time for some hydration support?

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With joy, the GLOWSO team x
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