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How Does Collagen Help With Sagging Skin?

How Does Collagen Help With Sagging Skin?

Collagen is an essential structural protein in the skin and throughout the body. It is the most abundant of all proteins, responsible for skin function, connective tissue formation, and bone health. In the skin, it plays a role in strengthening, as well as in elasticity and hydration.  

As babies, we have an abundance of collagen in our skin, which explains that firm, radiant, rosy skin. With age, though, the body produces less collagen, compromising skin health.

What Happens With Our Skin As We Age? 

The body's capacity to naturally regenerate collagen declines by 1.0% to 1.5% annually as we age. At around age 30, the body stops producing collagen, and our skin's normal cell renewal process becomes less frequent.  
Consequently, the underlying structure of the skin starts to break down, ultimately leading to thinner, rougher skin that is more vulnerable to injury, fine wrinkles, and loss of suppleness. When your skin loses its strength and skin and its structural integrity, you might start seeing fine lines, saggy skin, and or deeper wrinkles.  

What are the Main Causes of Sagging Skin?  

Sagging skin naturally occurs as we age due to the loss of collagen, but other factors contribute to loose skin. Some of these include: 
  •  Weight-loss - Losing a significant amount of weight in a short period leads to sagging skin. It can occur when you lose weight through diet and exercise, but people who have had weight-loss surgery experience it more frequently. People who have also had more weight for longer typically have more loose skin due to elastin and collagen loss. 
  • Ageing - To reiterate, older skin has less collagen than younger skin. As such, it tends to be looser.
  • Sun Exposure - UV radiation reduces collagen production and harms the collagen fibres in the dermis by penetrating deep into the skin. This may contribute to loose skin.
  • Smoking - Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals, some of which trigger the destruction of elastin and collagen, the two main proteins responsible for the flexibility and strength of your skin. 

Can Collagen Supplements Help With Sagging Skin? 

Definitely, but don't believe every glossy brochure you read. GLOWSO offers high-quality, effective, and lasting solutions that will help you experience pure radiance and firm skin.
To formulate our bioactive collagen peptides, our team of naturopaths - who are experts in skin and collagen health - work together to develop a tried-and-tested recipe; the cornerstones of which are found in the Kakadu plum, marigold, and products with a history of medicinal use.  
The plant products are sourced from clinically proven plants native to Australia. Because of the unusual and arid environments in which our native species thrive, they have developed powerful phytochemicals that offer amazing health benefits.  
Our formulas also don't have any additional starch, salt, wheat products, yeast, or sugar. We also process all our products in Australian TGA-approved state-of-the-art facilities.  
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